A Blessing to the Community & Beyond

Fittingly, our November article is themed around one of our favorite principles: Service. It’s no secret that CRRG is run with a “service first” spirit, from the inside out. It shows in our above-and-beyond approach to customer service on each and every project. And it shows beyond our company walls, stretching as far and wide as we can reach! We want to always be a blessing to our community be it near or far away.

One particular organization allows us to truly reach out and make a difference far beyond our city limits by helping others in third world countries who have a desire to start their own business. The Kiva Foundation [kiva.org] has been planting these seeds of hope around the world for 13 years and is now working in over 80 countries on 5 continents. CRRG is active in support of this organization every year and has been able to assist with such projects as financing plumbing for homes, livestock for farms, cobbling equipment, even helping fund a beauty salon for a family in Pakistan.

These acts of giving keep us grounded and thankful for what we have today and looking out for those we can help, at work and beyond. This is what drives our company and why we have maintained such amazing and loyal customers over the years. This season we hope you will be on the watch for chances to help someone in your sphere of influence and spread the wonderful spirit of gratitude.

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