Christmas Traditions, CRRG Family-Style!

Many families share many different beautiful traditions during this holiday season. It’s one of our favorite things about this time of year and are happy to share with you a peek into our CRRG family Christmas season. The experience is magical and intentionally steeped in homemade holiday tradition!

Starting December 1st, Rebecca (CRRG founder) takes us back to fond childhood Christmas memories, making sure to fill the office air with Christmas music and colorful, glowing lights hung in every room. Christmas is more than just a day to us, it is a season and we take full advantage of it!

Walking into the Annual CRRG Christmas party feels more like a warm, welcoming home rather than a workplace. In the morning Rebecca will undoubtedly be found making her famous Monkey Bread, a family tradition of hers now passed onto the CRRG family. The fireplace (yes, we have a real fireplace!) is roaring and every CRRG family member has a stocking hung on the hearth with their name stitched on it. The rooms are filled with the smell of home-baked dishes and the storytelling which goes with each recipe, recalling the traditions and generations who have passed down the recipes over the years.

We all attend a fun local Christmas event followed by a team lunch every year simply enjoying each other and doing what “families” do! Our afternoon concludes with CRRG’s annual tradition of giving back to the community in some way. Every year is different but we are sure to spend the afternoon giving to those whom it will help our time, food, money, and often all three! We know we at CRRG are all blessed so why not share our blessings?!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you embrace or start your own magical family traditions!

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