Retrieval vs. Research & Recovery

“Fetch! Good dog…” Simple game, really. If a dog, as sweet as they are, can easily learn to run and retrieve a ball, how hard can it be? However, I would venture to wager not one of us would expect the dog to understand which store the ball came from, nor what other uses the ball may have, nor the ownership history of the ball. This relatable canine illustration is what differentiates CRRG from the rest of the pack. We DELIBERATELY go above and beyond on our assignments and deliver true document research and recovery.

Our CRRG team members are trained from day one to make best use of all additional resources and document indexes on each and every project. Because of this, we provide clients with insight into other attachments, or liens, or document modifications throughout the document’s history which may otherwise be unknown. Our systems deliver a “live time” view of documents versus a stagnant, frozen copy of a piece of paper. We aim for more!

It’s no secret that a significant percentage of our work in the industry is related to property and real estate transactions. We all know how pressing these deals can be and not only is timely turnaround important but also is understanding the context and circumstances surrounding the document being researched. As a customer, you need to feel confident that you not only have the expected documentation in place but also a clear insight into the implications of that documentation. Who else has a right to that deed? Have there been any modifications to the original decree? How many owners have held the title? These are important questions to answer and add value to a basic document “retrieval” job.

In the end everything we do at CRRG fits into our over-reaching focus on customer service. Each and every team member is trained to deliver more than simply retrieval – we provide you true research and recovery. By extending ourselves a little more than the competition and committing to treating each and every customer as our FRIEND, we have been leading the market for over a quarter of a century.

For property transactions, court filings, titles and deeds… turn to CRRG for a friend in the business!

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